About Us

We developed Scan and Ship for our own personal use in our online bead shop.

We sold all different shapes and sizes of beads. However it was very easy to make shipping errors because the beads were packaged in similar packaging and all looked pretty much the same. We found that several of our customers would complain that they got the wrong beads or they got the right beads but not in the quantity they ordered.

We tried to solve the problem by having someone else double check the orders, but we often found the person checking also missed the mistake. With all this checking and double checking going on we were still making shipping errors :(

All of this took time and this cost us a small fortune because we had to reship incorrect orders free of charge.

At this point we decided we needed a fool proof way of checking our order fulfillment. We needed the computer to check the orders in order to eliminate human error and so we developed Scan and Ship, a simple bar code system that checks each order as you pack it.

As soon as we started using Scan and Ship the complaint emails dried up. We went from having to reship multiple orders per month to not having any orders to reship.

It eliminated time wasted having to check and double check each order. It eliminated the costs of having to reship the order. Above all it gave us peace of mind knowing the order had been fulfilled correctly.

We've now developed Scan and Ship as a Shopify app so that it can help other merchants the way it helped us.

We hope you find it as useful as we did. You can get it here on the Shopify App Store

Best Regards,

Paul Grout